Eggs, Wildflowers, and A New Goose House Roof

wild daisies

Spring is here to stay as the meadows fill up with wildflowers and green grass pushes up past the gold grass of winter, giving the countryside a hazy shimmer of life and vitality.

wild daisies

It’s the start of Spring holidays here in Queensland and Bear and I are knuckling down, nose to the grindstone, churning through one farm project after another.

The first was mending two large holes in the goat pen fence made by these deceptively innocent looking beauties who sauntered through happy as you please.

goats feeding by a tractor

Next up was affixing a mesh roof to our goose house to protect the about-to-be-born goslings from marauding owls. Not a bad view up for a goose. 🙂

goose house mesh roof

Today it was shifting two massive 640 kg (1408 lb) hay bales from the trailer into the hay shed using crowbars, pitchforks, and brute strength. I still can’t believe we did it all by ourselves. There was much grunting and gasping as we pep-talked ourselves through each muscle straining shove, roll, and lift. We may not be able to move in the morning, but we did it! 🙂

With the arrival of warm Spring weather, the ducks, geese, and chickens have started laying again. I’m so happy to have free range eggs again, especially because they often come with pretty downy feathers included.

eggs in colander

These are busy days on the farm, but very satisfying ones. It feels good to see the fruits of our wintertime labors as trees blossom, seeds become seedlings, and baby animals make their appearance.

field buttercups

What work is satisfying you these days?

Baby Limes, Duck Eggs and Spring on the Farm

three duck eggs

I just came in from a beautiful walk around the farm with Luna. The weather is gorgeous, sunny and hot with deliciously cool breezes that keep things bearable.

I don’t know what this tree is, but it’s festooned with bright orange blossoms that I find so cheery.

Across the yard grapevines I could’ve sworn were dead are leafing out beautifully. Maybe we’ll get grapes this Autumn after all!!

tree with orange flowers

Last week I was able to get a good start on planting our orchard with an orange tree and a lime tree now securely in place. Aren’t the baby limes adorable? 🙂

baby limes

I am happy to report that my dear ol’ garden has bounced back from two consecutive animal raids and is flourishing once again. Below you can see rainbow silver beet and purple Swedes, heirloom radishes and beetroot, and a very resilient horseradish.

green seedlings

And last but not least, our lovely Muscovy ducks are laying again.Yay!!

So far we’re getting two eggs a day with one broody mother and another one about to be. Can’t wait to see the wobbly yellow ducklings. 🙂

three duck eggs

I love this time of year. Nearly every day there is something new blooming, growing or hatching. 🙂

What time of year is it where you are? What things are happening outside that make you smile?