Spring, Puppies and a Sunset Bush Walk

blossom tree

At long last it is Spring in Queensland and I am so happy. 🙂

Last night we had our first big storm and it was a fantastic display of dancing lightning and cacophonous thunder and bucketing rain.

I don’t know what this tree is, but it is absolutely gorgeous!!! Covered in blossoms that rain down all over the yard, delighting the chooks and goats who devour them nearly as fast as they fall.

blossom tree

Today I’m preparing kennels for the newest members of our family who are arriving next week.

Apollo and Solar are Maremma puppies. They are wonderful livestock dogs who will live with our Kalahari goat herd to keep them safe. I cannot wait to meet them. 🙂

Maremma puppies

At the end of each busy day I like to take our other dog, Luna, for a walk in the bush.

We both love it. The fresh air and scents of spring blossoms do wonders for relieving my stress and clearing my mind, and Luna dashes about like a mad woman, chasing kangaroos and wallabies, sniffing out trails of other wildlife, and peering curiously at our neighbors cows.

old fence at sunset

It’s so beautiful in the late afternoon, peaceful and quiet, soft and golden, the perfect respite in between chores and making dinner.

wild prickly pear

What do you do to restore your spirit each day?

Spring Flowers and Baby Goats

baby goats

Dreaming of spring flowers as we head into Autumn at Citadel Kalahari Goat Stud Farm.

Australian spring flowersIt’s time for a cup of coffee on the back porch…

coffee in the sunshine… before checking on the new baby goats and planning our winter garden.

baby goatsWhat are you looking forward to this season?