A Gorgeous Queensland Spring

Queensland wildflowers

It is definitely Spring in Queensland and I’m loving it.

Everywhere I look are signs of life as the fields turn from golden brown to a hazy green with bursts of color as wildflowers emerge into the sunlight.

Queensland wildflowers

Almost every day there’s a new bloom to be seen in a vivid color that is so darn cheery.

yellow wildflower

When I step outside the wind brings luscious scents from the jacaranda tree that is festooned with lacy blossoms in pale lavender with purple hearts.  I find any excuse to walk under it.

purple jacaranda

My garden is slowly coming to life as well with basil, dill, and coriander breaking the surface in wispy seedlings.

I especially love the miniature roses, so tiny and perfect covered with water droplets.

dew covered roses

The thyme bushes are covered with teensy violet blossoms that look so pretty against the sun-warmed terra cotta pots.

flowering thyme

What are your favorite signs of season change in your part of the world?

Australian Bush Blooms

yellow wildflowers

There are so many things I love about our little Australian goat farm: the quiet, the light, the brilliant sunshine.

Today I’m delighting in the ever-changing array of wildflowers and weed-blossoms that fill our meadows and bush.

It doesn’t matter when I go out for a walk, I always find something new in purple or pale pink or the cheeriest yellow.

yellow wildflowers

I love the flowering trees and bushes, especially ones that show up in the middle of nowhere looking as though they’d been planted by a master gardener.

I always wonder how they get there.

white flowering bush

I also like these funky green pods that show up every year. 🙂 I have no idea what they are, but I grin when I see them bobbing in the breeze like miniature space ships.

lime green seed pod

What are your favorite things where you live?