Kalahari Kids and Lemony Potato Salad

Kalahari kids

We’ve had some crazy weather around here lately. One day it’s so hot you don’t want to budge and the next it’s so cold and windy that you’re huddling under a blanket half the morning. At least we’re never bored!

After giving the paddocks a two week rest over the holidays, the goats are back out in the fields, noshing on lush green grass and flowers.

The Kalahari and Boer kids are loving it! They’re big enough now that they are venturing out past the driveway and into the long grasses. The mamas take turns watching over them, giving each other breaks from baby-sitting duties.

cute baby goat

The fields still look brown on top, but underneath is lush vegetation and a myriad of wildflowers.

tiny morning glories

I love watching the kids as they tuck in, eating great mouthfuls of green grass before popping up for a look see around the fields.

cute Kalahari goat

They love hanging out with each other and even if the mothers wander off without them, they stick together like the best of friends.

Kalahari kids

I love how curious they are getting. Instead of running off in a fright at anything that startles them, the stop awhile and give things a good look. THEN they leap in the air and run like greased lightning.

Kalahari kid

I’ve been living on potato salad the past few days. It’s so easy to make ahead and keep cool in the fridge, and is really nice to have on hand for busy days gardening, feeding, and watering. The lemony dressing is full of fresh green parsley, capers, and garlic that make it light and zesty. For a bit of protein I slice boiled duck eggs on top and they are scrumptious.

lemony potato salad

What is your favorite make ahead food for busy days?

Baby Kalahari Kids

holding kalahari kid

There’s a lot of excitement on the farm with the birth of our first Kalahari kid this week. 🙂

She’s a preemie, so tiny it’s hard to know how she even made it, but she did!

baby kalahari goat
baby kalahari goat

And how we love her. 🙂

There was a whole lot of cuddling going on that winter morning as we helped keep her warm while the new mother got used to her and allowed her to nurse and snuggle.

holding kalahari kid

She’s a little luv – gentle and sweet. Falling asleep seconds after she snuggles in.

Each day she gets stronger. She’s not so wobbly now and she’s nursing like a trooper.

holding kalahari baby

The other mothers are due any day now and their bellies look fit to burst!

Each morning Bear rushes down to their pen to make sure everyone’s OK and to see if any babies were born in the night.

I think this might be one of the best times of the year. 🙂

mother Kalahari with baby

Thank you for your patience in waiting for new posts. I was very ill the past while but I’m doing better and better each day and hope to be posting regularly again. 🙂

I’d love to hear what your favorite part of this season is!