Brave Little Goats

little goats looking alert

Our baby Kalahari goats are getting very brave these days and I love watching them.

Instead of staying glued to their mothers sides, they’re gallivanting all over the place, exploring rocks, leaping off logs, and balancing precariously on any surface they can find.

baby goats exploringToday was a big day for I decided to take them out to the fields with the rest of the herd.

They galloped along at first, strutting up the driveway as if they were old hands at field grazing.

baby goats marching

But they were a bit apprehensive when the big girls headed into the tall grass and the air was filled with bleating until they bit the bullet and leaped into the undergrowth.

They were so cute wending their way through the long grass, sometimes disappearing completely through thick patches.

baby goats in field

Their mothers were intent on eating so the littles grouped together like a tiny goat gang, moseying along, head-butting each other and having a marvelous time until one of them noticed that they couldn’t see their mothers anymore. Then all play stopped as they peered through the grass trying to spot a familiar face.

little goats in field

I kept a close eye on the tiny cuties, making sure they didn’t get lost in a tangle of undergrowth and giving the mothers a nudge in the right direction when they got nervous about not seeing their babies.

goat girl

Once mamas and kids were reunited, much nuzzling, inspecting, and licking ensued as the mothers made sure their babies were all in one piece.

little goats with mama

Then they were off again, playing and nibbling through the paddock.

little goats on the road

After all that frolicking the Kalahari kids were tuckered out and quickly found a warm, sunny spot to sit.

little goats looking alert

And within moments they were fast asleep.

little goats sleeping

Do you have any animals at your house that you love to watch?

Baby Kalahari Kids

holding kalahari kid

There’s a lot of excitement on the farm with the birth of our first Kalahari kid this week. 🙂

She’s a preemie, so tiny it’s hard to know how she even made it, but she did!

baby kalahari goat
baby kalahari goat

And how we love her. 🙂

There was a whole lot of cuddling going on that winter morning as we helped keep her warm while the new mother got used to her and allowed her to nurse and snuggle.

holding kalahari kid

She’s a little luv – gentle and sweet. Falling asleep seconds after she snuggles in.

Each day she gets stronger. She’s not so wobbly now and she’s nursing like a trooper.

holding kalahari baby

The other mothers are due any day now and their bellies look fit to burst!

Each morning Bear rushes down to their pen to make sure everyone’s OK and to see if any babies were born in the night.

I think this might be one of the best times of the year. 🙂

mother Kalahari with baby

Thank you for your patience in waiting for new posts. I was very ill the past while but I’m doing better and better each day and hope to be posting regularly again. 🙂

I’d love to hear what your favorite part of this season is!