A Farm Full of Baby Goats

twin kalahari goats

Our Kalahari Goat farm is overrun with cuteness this month as one mother after another delivers adorable baby goats.

We’ve had three sets of twins and one single birth, and each one is unique and precious.

twin baby kalahari goats

I love how the twins snuggle together, finding sunny spots to curl up against the winter chill. And it’s been chilly. Just 40 minutes south of us they had SNOW!! Amazing. We didn’t know how our Kalahari Red kids would do in the cold, but so far, they’re thriving.

baby kalahari goat

Their faces are so sweet and tiny, their coats amazingly soft in varying shades of rich reddish brown.

kalahari red kid

The older ones are already learning to climb and jump, looking hilariously awkward as they trot along with their mothers before randomly leaping in the air, limps flailing.

twin kalahari goats

My favorite thing is watching our Maremma, Apollo, undertake his baby-sitting duties. He’s such a good protector for the littles. He sits with them while they nap, licks them clean, and chases off any older ones who look like they might have bullying on the mind.

maremma guarding baby goat

It’s such a beautiful and happy time of year on the farm. These baby goats put smiles on our faces all day long.

What’s putting a smile on your face this week? xo

Summer On Our Queensland Farm

Australian Sacred Grove

We’re well into Autumn now at Citadel Kalahari, but the weather has been so gorgeous you’d swear it was still summer!

Australian bush

The meadow grasses aren’t quite as green now. They’ve mellowed to a rich gold but are still sprinkled with wildflowers that are still blooming in spite of a few wild wind storms.


meadow in Australia

Wandering through the bush with our dogs Fletcher and Luna is a never-ending delight. Every time we don our wellies and head out for a trek we discover new beauties whether it’s a bush festooned with airy blossoms or a tree dripping with unknown fruit.


Australian flowering bushes

My favorite place is what we’ve dubbed The Sacred Grove. It is a natural circle of trees that is a sun-dappled oasis far enough from the goats and neighbors to be truly peaceful and serene.

Australian Sacred Grove

What is your favorite spot where you live?