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hot cross buns

Autumn Light and Hot Cross Buns

We’re thoroughly enjoying the last days of the Autumn holiday. The weather has been exquisite with warm, sunshiny days and cool, cozy nights.

grass in setting sunThe light in the afternoon is magical, glimmering softly through the trees.

sun setting through treesIt makes even plain old grass look positively wondrous. :-)

sun setting through grassAnd I love this color, so rich and wonderful.

sun setting over fieldBear requested Hot Cross Buns for Easter – something I’ve never made before. I was a bit nervous, but after reading the recipe realized it wasn’t so difficult after all. They are simple spiced buns studded with raisins or currants and candied citrus peel. The crosses on top are made with a simple paste of flour and water, squeezed through a piping bag. They turned out beautifully and Bear pronounced them good. Phew. :-)

hot cross bunsNow it’s time to get comfy for movies and some utter relaxation.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Autumn in the Woods

It is so good to be back writing here. Due to some dreadful health issues I had to take an extended break, but I’m on a good pain management regimen now and hopefully I will be able to post regularly again.

After some sweltering hot Summer days, Autumn has arrived with cool winds and cloud-filled skies.

I’ve been spending as much time as possible in our woods, delighting in the changes that Autumn brings.

I love the delicate, creamy blossoms of this bush against the rough, grey bark of the gum tree.

flowered tree in forest

And these tiny white flowers that dot the forest floor like snow flakes.

tiny white flowers

Even the geese make a beeline for the trees these days, spending their morning feed under the shady branches, searching for grubs among fallen limbs and leaves.

Pilgrim geese in the grass

Toppled gum trees that were smooth and weathered last year are now covered with richly textured lichen and lacy tendrils of moss.

lichen covered fallen log

Lichen covers the rocks as well, giving them a beautifully weathered look.

lichen on rocks

And of course I love the cheery daisies giving their last show of white and yellow before Winter.

tiny white daisiesWhere is your favorite place to observe the changes in your weather this week?

muscovy ducklings

New Ducklings, Refinishing Furniture, and Glorious Autumn

It has been a wonderful holiday here on the farm. Two whole weeks of lazy breakfasts, leisurely cuppas, and oodles of time to tackle fun projects.

It is well and truly Autumn in Queensland now, and I love it!!! Mornings are chilly and require flannels and cozy blankets with my cuppa. We’ve had a lot of storms and blustery days punctuated by sunshiny days so gorgeous I can hardly stand it.

I do love it here.

autumn berries

We were surprised one morning by five new baby Muscovy ducklings peeping from behind an old bicycle in the shed. They are unusual with their little brown heads, and absolutely adorable. Their mama is fantastic, very protective of her little brood, keeping them safe from marauding magpies and naughty goats who think it’s grand fun to stand on top of their pen. They were already swimming by Day Two and are growing so fast.

muscovy ducklings

In addition to a bunch of fun medieval projects (click here to see some of them) we also been working on a few just for us.

Bear has been waxing bow strings and collecting the accoutrements we need for our new hobby of archery. We have such fun practicing together and with good friends here on the farm, aiming for hay bales and actually hitting them now and then. ;-)

I’ve been working on transforming old furniture we’ve collected on forays to dump shops and thrift stores. I love old wooden chairs, and I’ve been turning rather grotty ones into delightfully cheery ones with coats of glossy enamel paint in vivid colors. I’m particularly fond of this bright orange one. It makes me happy every time I see it.

one orange chair

Tomorrow we leave our happy holidays behind and embrace the new term feeling strengthened, refreshed, and restored.

What fun things have you been working on lately?

Autumn leaves

Autumn at Citadel Kalahari

It’s been a glorious Autumn here at Citadel Kalahari in Queensland.

Autumn leaves

Mornings start off cool and foggy but soon the sun breaks through and it is nothing but blue skies and glorious sunshine.

Our ducks, geese and chooks are molting, leaving feathers and fluff all over the yard.

white feather

The local markets have been loaded with capsicum and tomatoes lately, so I’ve been roasting them for soups, sandwiches and quiches.

The new baby kalahari goats – Flopsy and Lindt – are doing marvelously! They’re getting stout and strong and tall and make us laugh as they leap and cavort about the paddock.

baby kalahari red goats

Now I must get a loaf of bread in the oven.

What is the weather like where you are?