Sun After Storms and Growth in Winter

It’s been dark and blustery for days, but every now and then the sunshine comes through with warmth and light that stops us in our tracks.

sunny creek

It’s been a busy week on the farm as we’ve tackled gardening and medieval projects and all sorts of cooking and baking. We are tired but happy as we look around see so many good things in progress.

After planting our citrus trees about six months ago, we thought we’d be waiting at least a year before we harvested any fruit. So it’s been sheer delight to see limes, lemons, and varieties of oranges ripen beautifully. We won’t be eating a lot of citrus this year, but every one will be a treasure.

lemons on the tree

A friend gave me a stock pile of aloe vera and I’m really looking forward to turning those succulent pieces into lotion to treat skin dried by winter winds, and juice to aid in digestion.

aloe vera plant

A lilly pilly was my first Australian native in my garden, and this year is the first time it has fruited. The berries are so gorgeous in vivid fuchsia and have a marvelous tart sweetness that is truly refreshing.

lilly pilly berries

What growth are you seeing in your part of the world? xo

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