Winter Rain

It was so fantastic to get rain this week, so exciting to look outside and see a haze of green over fields and paddocks as new growth peeks up between brown grasses.

raindrops on leaf

Our ducks and geese were in heaven, making a thorough mess of their pens as they splashed merrily about in the mud.

The gardens were equally thrilled with the nitrogen-rich rain. Limp leaves and stalks are now strong, tall, and sturdy, and we’re looking forward to the first radishes and beetroots of the season within the next couple of weeks.

This week I’m working on a small book of medieval remedies, so in between rain showers I was out in my herb gardens taking photos of sage, thyme, and other plants that I use in various concoctions. Mmm, they smelled so good and looked so vibrantly green.

thyme branch

The first berries of Winter are ripening: strawberries and blueberries. It is so lovely to pluck perfectly ripe berries each morning. One day we’ll have a big harvest, but for now 3-4 berries a day are a great treasure.

white strawberry flower

This weekend I get to meet with my gardening group to swap produce and food and whatever else we can think of. They’re such a lovely group of people, always eager to share their wisdom and great gardening tips. I’m really looking forward to meeting them face to face for a good feed and a good visit.

What are you looking forward to this weekend? xo

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