Woodland Treasures and a Gluten Free Picnic Lunch

I love going into the woods in Queensland for I never know what I’m going to discover.

This week I spent a lot of time in town waiting for various doctor appointments, so in between I’d wander to a nearby park or amble along a tree-lined creek to breathe deep of pine-scented air and see what I could see.

It may be from a childhood spent in the pine forests of Canada, but every time I see a pine tree, any kind of pine tree, my heart gives a little leap of recognition. It’s like seeing an old friend.

green pine cones

The pine trees in Australia are different than I’m used to. The trunks are more gnarled with great glistening mounds of sap where branches have snapped off in the fierce winds that bluster through Allora.

pine tree trunk

The pine fronds are longer, more delicate, but they retain that wondrously clean scent that I love.

The cones look different too. This week I found round pine cones and thought they were absolutely adorable. 🙂

round pine cone

On days like this I pack a lunch for myself, something healthy and fortifying and delicious.

Instead of a sandwich or salad, I like to make my lunch a bit special, something to look forward to.

This week I brought slices of tender roasted chicken lightly salted with Himalayan pink salt. I added veggies, Thai-spiced Roasted Beetroot and broccoli roasted with lemon zest and black pepper. And a few squares of dark chocolate ended things nicely.

gluten-free picnic lunch

What is your favorite healthy lunch on the go?

4 thoughts on “Woodland Treasures and a Gluten Free Picnic Lunch

  1. Oh “pine forests of Canada”, I would miss that too. I love the pine cones that you have there though and I am sure the smell is close to the same. Your lunch sounds delicious and looks it too. Enjoy your time smelling the pines in your new land and I will think of you when I am back in our bush. Hug B

    1. I loved your post today – of tramping through snowy woods watching ice melt before your very eyes. 🙂 So lovely and full of rich symbolism. 🙂 XO

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