Summer Morning in the Fields and Gluten-Free Mexican Breakfast

Summer has arrived at last and until the storms blew in this week, it’s been sultry and piping hot. Since it’s way too scorching to be out in the fields during the day, I’ve been taking the goats out in the early morning.

wildflowers with goats

It’s been beautiful. The sun is still hot but cool morning breezes are wonderfully refreshing. Now that three sides of the new paddock are fenced in, I only have to guard one side from escaping goats. It’s made my time in the fields so much more relaxing and enjoyable.

This is great now that our Kalahari goat herd has grown with the addition of five new babies, a stray girl that wandered in from who knows where, and William, the big daddy of the group who is part of the gang once again. Isn’t he a fine, strapping fellow?

Kalahari buck

It’s so nice to see them roaming happily, tucking into clumps of wildflowers or munching thistles without pricking themselves.

Kalahari goats in paddock

I like to find a comfy spot in the field to rest my bones as the wind shushes through the grass lulling me into utter relaxation.

red gum boots

Luna loves it too, taking turns chasing after field mice and returning to burrow in my lap for a scratch and a cuddle.

cattle dog in field

She’s such an affectionate snuggler and can’t seem to wriggle in close enough.

farm girl and her dog

I may have to battle heat, flies, and mosquitoes, but it still beats an office any day of the week.

field dandelion

In my quest for healing and strength, I continue to experiment with healthy gluten-free breakfasts that don’t include dairy, sugar, or acid-forming foods. Mostly eggs of some variety do the trick, but sometimes I can’t bear the thought of another egg.

When those days come I turn to one of my old favorites: savory Mexican black beans topped with pico de gallo and guacamole. I love how the fresh Roma tomatoes and zingy lime juice turn a heavy dish into one that is light and perky with plenty of protein and fiber to keep me going all morning.

Mexican gluten-free breakfast

What is your favorite healthy breakfast?

Click here for my gluten-free Mexican breakfast recipes.

12 thoughts on “Summer Morning in the Fields and Gluten-Free Mexican Breakfast

  1. How funny we’re both in breakfast food mode! Poached eggs are my fav, but like you, sometimes I get sick of them. Then it’s porridge with fruit. I would love to find a third breakfast to interchange with these two, and have never considered black beans for breakfast!
    Janie x

  2. I really want to try your poached eggs with avocado, Janie. 🙂 I would love to have porridge as well, but I can’t seem to find gluten-free oats here. Hopefully soon!

  3. I love the look of your breakfast. It looks so tasty and healthy. And your goats are gorgeous. It hasn’t been all that hot here lately, in fact, I’ve had to go back into my winter clothes xx

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