Old Wood Beauties on the Farm

I love the look of old, weathered wood and we have lots of it on our goat farm. From fence posts and fallen logs to stacks of firewood and wooden pallets.

It makes such a beautiful background for all sorts of things.

Gorgeous feathers I found in the farm yard. I think the pink one is from the galahs nesting in the gum tree above our goat pen and the blue ones could be from lorikeets or blue wrens. I think they’re wonderful.

tropical feathers

Sneaky bits of green underbrush growing up through pallet boards look quite marvelous against the aged timber.

weathered boards

And wildflowers picked while out with the goats don’t need a vase when they’re piled atop a gnarled old fence post.

purple flowers on old wood

This past week I’ve been working with bits of new wood as well, etching designs on a new range of spatulas for my Etsy shop. I love burning in swirling vines and clusters of berries onto simple wood handles. Using them in my daily cooking makes even bowl-scraping a pleasure.

wood burned spatula

No matter what I’m doing on the farm these days, feeding animals or burning new pieces of art, I love getting to the end of the day and standing in awe of whatever fabulous display the clouds decide to put on.

It does my heart good.

windmill at sunset

What is your favorite time of day at your house?

13 thoughts on “Old Wood Beauties on the Farm

  1. my favourite time is just before the sun sets through the forest and sits radiant in full bloom… I look on the sky opposite and I see softness and gentle greatness sifted lightly across the horizon~ the colours like my california poppies or sometimes more like my varied sweetpeas, but always breathtaking and always an apparatif into the hour of moon shine centered in the night sky and the milky way dancing alongside.
    to walk from the house love built to the old familiar home in awe and take all the night sounds with me~ and tonight the first firing up of the infloor heating furnace settled in the field…
    Thankful to the One who gives us such pleasures~

    your photo of the windmill is astoundlingly beautiful dear friend.

  2. Krista, what beautiful photo’s. I take loads of shots of weathered wood too, it is so tactile and collects the light beautifully.
    I love that you can find such pretty feathers too, the pink one esp is so pretty!
    Janie x

  3. I like it when people stop and notice little things like that feather or those wild flowers. Such little things are very important in life! They sort of bring you back into presence. And I LOVE the designs on your spatulas! You’re so talented! I used to etch on wood too, only when I was a kid. 🙂 Now, I tell myself I am too busy for artsy things like that. 🙂

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