Spring Break at Our Aussie Goat Farm

Good morning!! It is so good to be back after a bustling but restful Spring Break here on our goat farm in Queensland.

Although we both love traveling, it was so fun to stay home for a change and putter at our leisure.

In addition to sleeping in, we also worked on all sorts of projects.

We did hay runs, bucking bales for hours to make sure our Kalahari goats have plenty to eat.

We sold our dear horses – Babe and BJ – to a lovely old man who lives just down the road from us. He was thrilled to take them and our hearts are at rest knowing they will live out the rest of their days being loved and cared for by a good man.

We baked and ate a LOT of homemade bread, experimenting with additions of different seeds and nuts, topping slices with delicious Burnished Orange and Whiskey Marmalade made by our friend Jackie at Frog and Swallow Gourmet Preserves.

spring break in Queensland

We gave free reign to our creative sides.

I spent hours in my various gardens, delighting in the intoxicating scents of flowering citrus trees in our fledgling orchards.

Robbie spent many happy days puttering in his workshop on all sorts of medieval weaponry for our Queensland medieval group: Blackwolf. He made swords and shields and daggers and more swords.

I started learning wood-burning and my first project was the handle of my friend Neil’s hammer. It was so much fun and I am smitten with this craft and can’t wait to do more.

Australian handicrafts

And of course there was lots of work to do around the farm.

We started weaning our baby Kalahari goats from their mamas. They made a fuss at first, but now they’re cocky little teenagers, happy as can be to be trotting around with their friends.

We started work on our wonky windmill, replacing all the pipes so that we have an unlimited source of water again.

Our new Maremma puppies have been brilliant. They’re part of the herd now, and follow the babies around keeping an eye on them.

weaning baby goats

Now Robbie is back to work at school and I’m back to work on my computer writing a history book and all sorts of articles for various publications.

It’s good to be back. 🙂

What have you been working on the last two weeks?

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