Winter Light in the Australian Bush

I love the winter light of Australia, especially just before sunset.

It is utterly magical, golden and brilliant, suffusing every leaf and stalk with ethereal light.

sunlit grass


It is my favorite time to take Luna for a walk.

We amble slowly, taking time to notice how even plain Jane thistles are rendered glorious by the winter sun.


dry thistles


We always startle kangaroos and wallabies who bound off through the glowing grasses, darting under fences or around trees, leaving only faint trails and tufts of fur to remind us they were there.


kangaroo fur


I love how the bush looks like it’s lit from within.


sunset through trees


How even homely weeds become silvered filigree, works of art emerging from the forest floor.



glowing grasses

What is your favorite light?

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