How to Care for Baby Goats

Lots of excitement around Citadel Kalahari this month! 🙂

This week alone we’ve had Boer triplets AND Kalahari twins born – and they are so cute.

baby goats

Caring for baby goats is simple but important. Thankfully all our goats have had easy births, so we usually find the babies born healthy a short time after they’ve already been born. That’s when our part comes in.

Here are the steps we follow:

  1. Check the mama to make sure the afterbirth is out of her system. If it’s still attached, keep an eye on her as she may have another baby in there.
  2. Check each baby to make sure they’re in good condition and determine the sex.
  3. Spray the umbilical cord thoroughly with antiseptic spray to prevent infection.
  4. Ensure they have good shelter out of the wind. We like to pile clean straw on the floor of whichever shed we have them in to give them a warm place to burrow into.
  5. Make sure the mama has plenty of water and ample feed so she can adequately nurse her babies.
  6. Check the mama’s teats to see how many she has. Often she will only have two, even if she has triplets. If that’s the case, just keep an eye on things to make sure ALL the babies are getting a good feed.
  7. Cuddle and stroke the babies regularly so they are comfortable around humans rather than being skittish.
  8. When they get a bit bigger, make a “goat hill” for them to climb on. Fallen logs or old tires are perfect.
  9. Enjoy them and take lots of pictures. 🙂


baby Boer goat

What are your favorite baby animals?

2 thoughts on “How to Care for Baby Goats

  1. That’s too hard Krista to name a favourite baby animal. I’m developing a new affection for baby goats 🙂 Your goats are so cute. I’m looking forward to future posts about how they develop.

  2. I hear ya, Cathy! 🙂 ANY baby animal is too cute for words. 🙂 So glad you like our little bitties. I hope to post more photos soon. 🙂

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