Signs of Spring in Winter

Although it’s been blustering and blowing all week, we’ve had some absolutely gorgeous winter days with all sorts of tiny signs of spring. It IS coming!!

Orange blossoms, brilliant blue skies, and tiny yellow flowers growing among the rocks.

signs of spring

I’ve been awfully sick the last few weeks, but in my good moments I love bundling up and going for slow, easy walks with our dog Luna. I love seeing the goats munching away in the fields and the teensy purple flowers that will soon carpet nearly every square inch of our Aussie goat farm.

We have five baby goats now – and they’re so strong and healthy. We’re looking forward to a whole batch of baby Kalahari goats due to be born next month.

nasturtium leaves

Robbie has been teaching me the basics of wood-working and I love it! The smell of newly cut wood and the deep pleasure that comes from seeing something beautiful and useful emerge out of hunks of wood is absolutely wonderful. We’ve got a couple of projects going right now: a medieval bench and a medieval box. I hope to show them to you soon. 🙂

wood working tools

What projects are you working on these days?

2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring in Winter

  1. Oh, my goodness you are so lucky to have Robbie teaching you woodworking! I would so love to have more knowledge in that area! What fun to do together! =)
    Love the pics of the goats, they have such personality! I hope you start feeling better, it’s such a bummer to be sick. =(

  2. I feel so lucky, Melody! 🙂 So far I’ve made a stool and helped Robbie with a large chest. It’s such a good feeling to make something with your own hands. 🙂

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